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    Slips, Trips & Falls

    Slipped, tripped or fallen in a public or private place and not sure if you are eligable to claim compensation? Talk to our specialist solicitors.

Have you suffered from a slip, trip or fall?

Whether you have slipped, tripped or fallen in a public or private place. Our specialist lawyers have helped hundreds of people to claim compensation due to badly maintained roads, pavements and walkways or even trips / slips in public or private places.

Tripping claims

If you sustain injuries as a result of a trip on a pavement or the road the local council who is responsible for maintaining them may be liable to pay you compensation. In a private place, for example a car park or a private road, it is the owner / occupier who will be responsible.

Note: – You will need to obtain photographs of the defect before it is repaired to prove it was in a dangerous condition. Try to take measurements of the defect, in case there is a dispute later on.

Slipping claims

If you slipped on something, for example in a shopping mall or a supermarket on slippery floors where floor surfaces are dangerous as a result of food produce left there without being cleaned up (i.e. grapes, banana skin) or on something wet. Try to ensure that other people saw it before it is cleaned up as they will be witnesses to your case. By law, owners must carry Public Liability Insurance and have a duty to keep their premises safe for visitors by regularly inspecting and cleaning floors.

Note: – Report the Accident in the Accident report Book and try to obtain a photograph of the substance to prove that was the reason you slipped.

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