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    Medical Negligence

    If you have been injured whilst on holiday or working abroad it may be possible to make an accident claim. Find out if you are eligable.

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Medical Negligence

Medical negligence is a term that covers different types of medical errors and poor treatments.
Negligence is the failure to take proper care and attention to all patients, which results in physical harm or could even lead to death.
Possible claims include:

  • Accident & Emergency Claims
  • Defective Medical Products / Medicine Claims
  • Fatal Claims/inquests
  • General Medical Problems
  • Hospital-Acquired Infection claims such as MRSA
  • Surgery Claims
  • Care home claims,
  • Unscreened/untreated Blood transfusion claims
  • Misdiagnosis claims such as failure to spot a fracture, a severed tendon, cancer, or other terminal illness.
  • Dental negligence,
  • Pregnancy and birth claims
  • Cosmetic procedures
  • Ambulance claims

It is important that you raise a complaint following any negligence. This is not an actual requirement, but it will give you a chance to write down your complaint in a constructive manner.

This will allow the hospital or other professional body an opportunity to investigate your claim fully. This will also be a good foundation for a solicitor to review your potential claim and advise you if there has been negligence.

You can use the complaints procedure of the hospital / GP practice, within 12 months of the incident or date of knowledge, in the first instance and if you are unhappy with the outcome, the matter can be referred to the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman or the regulatory body of the professional concerned.

The Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman is an independent body that will investigate a complaint against the NHS.
The governing body for GP and Doctors are the General Medical Council (GMC) and you can start your complaint by contacting them directly.
The governing body for dentists is the General Dental Council ( GDC) and you can start your complaint by contacting them directly.

The governing body for nurses and midwives is the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

The governing body will investigate a complaint against the professional concerned and if there has or could be harmful to patients, the professional concerned can be reprimanded, referred for training or if there is a serious or significant risk of harm, the individual can be ‘struck off’. Which means they will be banned from treating patients again. The governing body could also clear the professional of any wrongdoing following an investigation if no concerns are discovered.
Please note a complaint to a governing body will not lead to a financial settlement, a financial settlement is only received if you instruct a Solicitor to deal with your claim.
If you feel you may have been injured due to the actions (or lack of actions) of someone in the medical profession, such as a doctor, nurse, surgeon or dentist, you may be eligible to make a medical negligence claim.
Contact us to discuss your medical negligence claim in the strictest confidence by calling 0161 464 4323 or through our enquiry form for an experienced solicitor to discuss your claim.

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I have found Cheadle Solicitors excellent throughout my case against the NHS in relation to my son’s misdiagnosis and subsequent treatment. Specifically, Ms Neelam Qadir kept me informed at all relevant junctures and I felt we were in safe hands and well advised.
Ms Qadir and Cheadle solicitors were persistent in achieving the best outcome for my son i.e. the process and time taken ensured we got what Andrew deserved. The misdiagnosis had severely affected my son and limited his physical activity. In addition, Andrew has a disability and is autistic but felt valued throughout and finally felt he was being listened to. Andrew and I are indebted to the service provided and would certainly recommend Cheadle solicitors and indeed Ms Qadir.

– Amanda Yates

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