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Cheadle Solicitor’s Client awarded £173,000.

Cheadle Solicitors have obtained a pay-out for £173,000 for a client for what appeared to be a straightforward road traffic accident

Based on the accident circumstances, this was a simple road traffic accident. Our Client was driving his car down a residential street at approximately 25-30 miles per hour, when the third party pulled out of a T junction, without stopping, causing a collision with our client’s vehicle.

The case was transferred from another firm of solicitors as the client was unhappy that they were trying to persuade him to settle the claim in the sum of £1800, despite the client’s protests that he was still suffering from accident related symptoms and was losing business as a result of not being well enough to go back to work.

Cheadle Solicitors obtained medical evidence and it transpired that following the accident, the client sustained a Traumatic disc rupture at L5/S1, A Grade III Whiplash Associated disorder, and a major Depressive disorder all as a result of the accident.

Cheadle solicitors ensured the client was seen by the best medical experts and received not only CBT and Eye Movement Desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR) treatment for his PTSD. He also underwent a Pain Management programme and epidural injections for his diagnosis of Fibromyalgia – a chronic regional pain syndrome.

As a self-employed businessman, our client’s business suffered significantly and a forensic accountants report was obtained to quantify his loss of earning and future losses.

Upon negotiating with the Thirds Party Solicitors, we managed to secure a figure of £173,000 for the client.

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